How to Play ESSER Hold’Em

Start by reading through all rows to understand each of the spending opportunities. Then, start to play

For each investment or savings option, you’ll see four ways to play that card:

Yes - Targeted
Yes - Standard

We recommend that you play up to 12 cards in any given round. (Note that implementing more than 12 strategies in a given school year is challenging.)

Review where you are against budget. Think about your choices to ensure they reflect your priorities for student recovery and system re-design and support the goal to make the teaching job more dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, and sustainable. Then, make adjustments as needed.

The default “Fiscal Impact Target” for ESSER investments is 5.0% of the operating budget. When you begin to create your hand, you can use the pencil icon that appears next to the "Edit Game" link to change the starting percentage for your district's ESSER investments. Clicking the pencil icon also allows you to add a name to the ESSER Hold'em hand you are creating.