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The Strategic Snapshot Mini helps school system leaders identify their strategic priorities that will lead to student success.

The Strategic System Snapshot| Mini is a quick self-assessment that helps district leaders better understand how well resources – people, time, and money – are used across the district, and whether the central office or schools have the “enabling conditions” to help all students reach high standards. You’ll read statements in areas like teaching, school leadership, funding, and more, and rate whether each one applies on average in your district’s schools. There’s no prep required, and you can take the Mini as part of a group to compare answers. Community members can also take it to understand the issues their local school system faces.

The Snapshot | Mini is an evolution of our Resource Check tool, which we have now retired.

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Resource Check on a Tablet

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Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a national non-profit that partners with district, school and state leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) to create strategic school systems that enable every school to prepare every child for tomorrow, no matter their race or income. Our Strategic System for Strong Schools vision provides a framework for understanding how districts can most effectively allocate people, time and money.

Take The Strategic System Snapshot | Mini to assess how your district compares to best practices.
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