This tool is a simple survey. Statements are organized around Seven Transformational Strategies that ERS has identified as central to maximize student performance. Each of the strategies is broken down into several categories. Many categories have multiple statements to help you think about your district's practices.

For each statement, rate your district's performance to the best of your knowledge. It is okay to select "don't know," as we do not expect that everyone would know the answers to all questions. Patterns of "don't knows" may be indicators of opportunity for cross-functional discussion.

When you are finished, the results will compute an average number for each strategy and compare your results to best practice. 
See how a district in Michigan uses Resource Check to inform its School Improvement Plan

What do my results mean?

Resource Check will give you a sense of the relative strengths and areas of challenge for your district.

  • Lower scored results indicate areas where current resource use does not support the Transformational Strategy. These results will help you prioritize what areas need further investigation and what action should be taken.
  • Higher scored results indicate areas where the district is relatively strong. These are areas you might want to build on or leverage, but may not require the same level of focus as lower scored areas.
Are you part of a group?

We recommend multiple people complete the survey and that they come together to discuss results to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. This can help increase everyone's understanding of your district's resource use and what areas to prioritize going forward. Learn more about viewing your group’s results.

What can I do with this information?

Once you have analyzed areas of challenge, you can use this information to develop your strategy and inform your LCAP report. For example, if your district scored relatively low on Teaching, look at the detailed results to understand which aspects of Teaching drove that low score. Perhaps you discovered that teachers have little time for collaboration with peers, or that they have time but it is not focused on student data and/or supported by teacher leaders or coaches. In this case, you might consider having a Goal “improved teaching and student performance” with a related Action of “invest in teacher collaboration with appropriate support.”


Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how urban school systems organize resources so that every school succeeds for every student. Our School System 20/20 provides a framework for understanding how districts can most effectively allocate people, time and money. Learn more about System 20/20.

Use Resource Check to assess how your district compares to best practices
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